3 Houses on Hilltop in San José

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$395,000 Negotiable

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1.4 Hectares


Set in 1.4 hectares (about 3.5 acres) of one of Vilcabamba’s most gorgeous and desirable
sections of hillside (in San José), this three home (plus many extras!) property has become
legendary among-st the owner’s many friends, as one of the most charming places for events,
music, and enjoyment of life … essentially, it epitomizes the many reasons people choose to
call this amazing valley home.

The current owner has done simply a phenomenal job, of landscaping this hillside into an
arrangement where everything just feels as if it has “been there forever.”

The property comprises:
1. The Big House – approx 250m2 of (New Mexico style) construction over two levels – 3
bedrooms & 3 bathrooms.
2. The Original Cottage – approx 80m2 of nicely renovated farmhouse over two levels –
one master-bedroom and one adjoining “child’s room” upstairs – living area, kitchen,
and one bathroom downstairs.
3. The Chill House – approx 80m2 of new construction, about 70% complete – 2
bedrooms and 1 bathroom – the new owner can finish this home in any style desired.
4. A fully covered and functional outdoor bar, kitchen and entertaining-area, complete
with wood-fired pizza-oven and BBQ-grill … also incorporating its own bathroom
section – comprising in total, about 35m2 construction.
5. Fully covered two-car-garage and storage area, of about 80m2 of covered
6. 50m2 enclosed functional chicken-coop in the lower regions of the property.
7. 50m2 enclosed greenhouse for seedlings and any other plants which require this kind
of protection.
8. The potential for a significant bio-dynamics and permaculture operation within this
property should not be overlooked.

This “clinical” property-description above, obviously does not do the property justice.
Accordingly, we are sure everyone will very much enjoy the lovely photos herein, and be
amazed by the jaw-dropping drone-video footage. But this is one property that absolutely has
to be experienced in person. It is simply MAGICAL.

Apart from the beautifully diverse and manicured gardens, there are walking paths which
circumnavigate the property. These stop in at all the requisite nooks and crannies (veggie
gardens, greenhouse, chicken-coop, etc), and also encompass tranquil little resting-zones here
and there, where one can comfortably appreciate the stunning views, practice yoga, or just
read a book!

Whilst on the subject of gardens, it must be said this property is truly a sanctuary, in the very
best meaning of that word. Once within the grounds there is natural beauty everywhere you look.

And because of the way the property itself is situated, your privacy is almost “built-in” by
the landscape (and the landscaping).


In terms of the property’s convenience to Vilcabamba, it’s pretty much the best of all worlds.
Far enough out-of-town to be removed from the hustle and bustle (if one can call it that in a
place such as this!) … but close enough to be able to pop down to the village when needed
(or easily order things up to the house by taxi or delivery). The main access-gate to the
property can be easily activated electronically for guests or deliveries, from either the cottage
or the big house.

Taking another more practical/financial perspective, whoever becomes interested in this
property should also consider its real income potential. This income could be generated
by way of developing the property as an eco-retreat and or “events destination” … or … simply
by way of renting out the existing accommodations. The new owner could choose to live in any
one of the three homes … whilst maximizing value by renting out the rest of the property. In
this way, this property is essentially a turnkey habitation and instant revenue-stream.
Accordingly, it would suit a retiring downshifter, who wants a ready-made sanctuary, complete
with built-in revenue-streams to handily supplement any other retirement income. More
details on this subject can be discussed with interested parties personally, or during a tour, as
part of the normal due diligence process. Additionally, it should be noted there are at least two
other suitable building-areas on the property, where additional dwellings could be

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