35 Hectares 3 Cabins & Waterfall

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$45,000 Negotiable

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35 Hectares


Location: Yangana, 35 minutes driving South from Vilcabamba

35 Hectares, with 3 rustic cabins in need of remodels

These 35 hectares of pristine land nearly borders the Podocarpus National Park and overlooks the small quaint town of Yangana.  The majority of the land is a fairly gentle slope starting at the top of the first tier of a giant mountain and sloping down into a valley below where a cold water creek and waterfall are. Much of the top part of the property has been excavated to create flat perches where the cabins are built. There is also a large flat look out (mirador) with an incredible 360 degree view of the curve in the Andes, the town Yangana, and Quinara valley. Nestled at 2000+ meters of altitude this property has natural sources of water-springs (wells need to be constructed- water is seeping out of the ground in spots). There are three small cabins/structures and lots of room to create your ideal living quarters or alpaca refugee!!! A pond below the cabins has been made, and there is an internal road that ends nearly in the middle of the property. All is needed is to maintain a switch back trail down into the valley below to have a swim in the creek. The access to this property from the highway is short but extreme; you have to be willing to charge up a 4×4 steep private dirt road.

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