Modern Home Above Malacatos

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$650 Per Month

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This fully furnished 2 bedroom modern home in El Prado neighborhood of Malacatos is within the Eco-Venus Private Gated Community.  It overlooks the Malacatos Valley and has amazing sunset views. The house has a lovely & large bathroom with a deep tub/shower. There are peacocks gracing the grounds, so no animals are allowed here. This is a perfect paradise to enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment while having the safety of neighbors living close by. This house is move in ready! We’ll have the sheets washed as soon as you say it’s yours!

Esta moderna casa en el barrio de El Prado de Malacatos se encuentra dentro de la comunidad privada de Eco-Venus. Tiene vistas al valle de Malacatos y tiene increíbles vistas de la puesta del sol. Perfecto para disfrutar del ambiente tranquilo con vecinos cercanos.

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