Quinta Capamaco

For Sale

$189,000 Negotiable

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1.5 Hectares


This is Paradise in Vilcabamba that everyone is looking for!

1.5 Hectares of land with three Houses in the Capamaco area of Vilcabamba

The property backs up to the Podocarpus National Park.

More than 200 mature fruit trees (Including rare fruits) provide homeowner with a variety of organic options.

Fruit trees include Avocado, Orange, Sweet Lemon, Custard Apple, Tumbo, Granadilla, Brazilian Cherry, Mango, Guaba and many more.

3 Water Sources, including pristine Podocarpus spring water, the Capamaco River (along property) and valley canal.

HOUSE #1 Guest House Remodeled in Original Incan Style

  • Architectural renovation completed in December 2016
  • Guest house enjoys a river front view of the Capamaco River, spring fed from Podocarpus National Park
  • Approximately 200 square meters (over 650 square feet) of living space
  • Newly built separate storage bodega houses all utilities (electric, internet, hot water heater, Freezer)
  • 2 floors with patio below and porch above face pristine Capamaco River

HOUSE #2 Main House with renovation plans for extensive outside kitchen

  • Main house is scheduled for renovation either with existing plans or plans of the buyer’s choice
  • Existing main house is approximately 97 square meters (1,050 square feet)
  • Internet service, water, electric, and plumbing are all operational
  • Vies of sweeping front lawn and garden area (under development) and the Capamaco river

HOUSE #3 Round Adobe Home on two floors scheduled for renovation

  • This Original round house includes 2nd floor porch (to be renovated)
  • 1st and 2nd floors feature rare hardwood floors
  • House offers sweeping views facing westward down the valley towards Vilcabmaba (mandango moutain)
  • House is surrounded by a variety of seasonal fruit trees


Existing driveway accesses houses #1 and #2, with many parking area options

“user-friendly” 1 meter wide staircase that allows access to house #3

Extensive grounds between houses #2 and #3 for extensive construction of gazebos, orchards, etc…

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