Eco-Friendly Rammed Earth House

For Rent

$450 Per Month

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The rental is in barrio Amala Alto of San Pedro de Vilcabamba (10 minutes from Vilca center) and the price is $450/month including water and electric. Propane gas tank refills and internet are separate, but internet dish is already installed and active, and wifi router provided.  The other questions are answered in the description below:

Comfortable, eco-friendly and secure 1 1/2 story rammed earth house in a peaceful rural setting with gorgeous views, fruit trees and gardens. 430 sq feet including full-height loft bedroom with queen bed. Comes fully furnished and ready to move in. Has a sofa-bed and 2nd sofa, 4 burner gas stove and oven, full-size refrigerator/freezer, big storage shelving units, hot water in all faucets and shower, mosquito screens on all windows and door, steel security bars, alarm buttons, outdoor motion sensor lights, outdoor hammock, clothes lines and washing machine…. Size is perfect for individual or couple.

There are 3 buildings on the property, but each has its own privacy. There is 4×4 vehicle access into the property, but the turn-around area is shared and not available for parking a vehicle on an ongoing basis. It’s a 20 minute walk to the main highway in San Pedro de Vilcabamba then a 40/50¢ bus or return taxi to Vilca, $1.25 to Loja. Taxi from Vilca center to the top of the driveway takes about 10 minutes and is $3.00, or $4.00 to the front door.

Please note: This is an organic farm with grey water drainage, so no chemical home or body products are allowed, or cigarette smoking please.  It’s a rural setting full of nature, including beautiful birds and butterflies, but also including a variety of insects, spiders and scorpions.  As anywhere in the Andes, access roads may be temporarily blocked or in bad condition during the rainy season.  Any rental candidates must be accepting of local conditions, including walking the steep driveway if conditions prevent vehicle access.  Our preference is for renters who share the eco-living lifestyle and are comfortable living on a working farm (see – we have gourmet dinners, ongoing volunteers, occasional workers/projects, sprinklers on in dry season, etc.  Garden beds are available for someone wanting to actively participate in gardening and we would love to barter/share harvests. No pets please, there are no (domestic) animals on the property.

Agent Tara Walker

LCDA. TARA LEE WALKER Licensed & Professional Realtor Cell: +(593)…Read More

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