Indoor-Outdoor living in an Upscale Neighborhood in Vilcabamba

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This property has some of the most spectacular 360 degree views in the area with a focal point on the sacred Mandango mountain famous to the Vilcabamba valley. Hosting 2 adobe homes, an open air gym, and meditation pavilion this property has versatile spaces to enjoy indoor-outdoor living near to a river, and on an entire flat lot measuring 9800 square meters (2.4 acres) with gorgeous landscaping and gardens. The entire property is enclosed with a two and a half meter high brick wall that is painted an earthen tone. There is a large retaining wall along the river’s edge as well as a water channeling system in case of any 100 year floods. One feels secure and private on this property. There is also a large secure remote controlled entrance gate, an alarm system, and flood lights. This property is located within the gated community called Hacienda San Joaquin that has 24-7 security.
The main house measures 60m2 is a 1 bedroom 1 bath charming adobe cottage with large windows and lots of natural light. The kitchen contains a dining area, built in wooden pantry, and gorgeous granite counter tops on the west and south walls. The bathroom is private and in the back off of the master bedroom also with granite counter tops, and modern fixtures. There’s a quaint seating area when you first enter, with the master bedroom to the right and the kitchen/dining to your left.
The other home is newly constructed and built with options to keep it as a spa or make into a guest house. This house measures 91m2 and is one long open space with covered patio off of what would make a nice bedroom. Currently there is 6 person sauna, cold plunge, and a large bath tub for 2. This building is currently being used as an office-spa, but could be easily used as guest house. Both entry doors have a gorgeous mandala carved in the center.
Both homes are located on the Northern end of the property, furthest away from the river, and on a little hill with the entrance gate behind and between both houses.
There is an open aired gym- martial arts dojo with tatami mats located about in the middle of the property and separated from but close to the meditation pavilion with fire pit. Both of these spaces have electricity and water, and could be kept they way they are to enjoy an indoor-outdoor creative space, or they could easily be remodeled into 2 additional homes or bbqs/outdoor kitchen.
There is another small structure located on the south eastern corner of the property currently being used for storage and worker’s needs. The door to this building is steel, and there is a covered patio as well. This could be another guest house is desired.
Near to the river lies 2 ponds with water lily flowers and many aquatic plants. This pond has many beneficial creatures making it their home: frogs, fish, and shrimps enjoy this little micro climate with shade and a charming atmosphere. This is also a lovely meditation area.
The property has well and irrigation water, and 110 and 220 electricity.
The houses do not use a leach field septic, but rather a biodigestor that cleans septic water and doesn’t pollute the ground water.
The owners have spent a great deal of time improving the soil quality on their land, and their large vegetable garden is quite productive and 100% organic. A worm farm and compost bins are close to the fenced in gardens.
Most trees were planted 5-6 years ago and most of them are already producing or just about to.
There are about 120 or so of trees. Here is a list of the trees:
Different species of mango
different species of avocado
jack fruit
malay apple
apple trees
coconut trees
cacao tees
Australian flame tree
Bodhi tree
Siam cherry
walnut  tree
macadamia nut tree,
lucuma tree
Rollinia fruit
different  species of mandarins and oranges (including  red orange)
lime tree,lemon tree
Surinam cherry
Miracle berry
4 different species of Bananas,
Medicinal herbal garden( Tulsi, basil, rosmary, thyme, citronella,mint,oregano ,andrographis etc)
Acasia yellow tree
African Tulip tree
Sun opener bush
Pyramid energy, Orgone and crystals are spread out over the property creating a high energy grid in the whole area. The property has a magical feel to it, and is perfect for someone looking to live in an upscale neighborhood on flat easily walkable land within structures designed to keep you connected to nature living indoor-outdoors.
The owner of this property have $400,000 invested into their land and constructions, but are eager to move on and are offering the property at a clearance price to do so.

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