La Casa de Las Rosas (Cavianga)

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La Casa de Las Rosas

La Casa de las Rosas is located 8 minutes North of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, in el Barrio de Cabianga. El Barrio de Cabianga shares the natural beauty and spectacular weather of Vilcabamba, while also presenting a much more consistently peaceful neighborhood setting than what the majority of neighborhoods in Vilcabamba have to offer, due to Vilcabamba’s ever-present bustle of tourists and shoppers. The neighborhood of Cabianga contains a mixture of upper end, beautifully landscaped properties, and small family owned farms.

Property Size, and Contour of the Land & Gardens

La Casa de las Rosas is located on 8,105 square foot (753 square meter) property, of gracefully manicured grounds containing fruit trees, and flowering raised beds. French drainage canals have been incorporated on all sides of the house with off property end points, creating consistent lush lawns with the absence of standing water or mud.
This property’s gardens are 100% fully organic and have been designed specifically for elegant use of space and true ease of maintenance. The gardens flaunt several stylishly formed flourishing flower beds, numerous potted ornamental plants and organic culinary herbs, as well as a variety of fruit trees. Keen attention has been given to the exclusive incorporation of hardy, plague resistant trees and plants, that demonstrate alternating and year-round displays of both flowers and fruit. Beautiful views of the nearby Warumba Mountain, the Malactos Valley, and neighboring gardens, can been seen from various locations around the house.

The list of organic fruit producing trees, berries, and culinary herbs located on the land are as follows:

 4 Papaya Trees
 2 Native Mango Trees
 3 Semi Dwarf Mango Trees
 2 Tangerine Trees
 2 Orange Trees
 2 Lemon Trees
 2 Apple Trees
 2 Plum Trees
 1 Fig Tree
 1 Avocado Tree
 1 Cherimoya Tree
 2 Pitahaya Cacti
 2 Pineapple Plants
 4 Passion Fruit Vines
 2 Coffee Bushes

 47 Year-Round Strawberry Bushes
 10 Year-Round Raspberry Bushes
 5 Year-Round Rosemary Bushes
 3 Year-Round Basil Bushes
 7 Year-Round Cilantro Bushes
 7 Year-Round Parsley Bushes
 1 Year-Round Oregano Bush
 3 Year-Round Thyme Bushes
 1 Perennial Rainbow Chile Pepper Plant
 5 Repeat Harvest Aloe Vera Plants
 3 Herbal Geraniums
 2 Medicinal Geraniums
 1 Medicinal Andean Sage Bush
 3 Medicinal Cedrone Bushes
 2 Medicinal Lemon Balms Plants

House Size & Features

If you are looking for a high-quality house in a quiet and safe residential neighborhood near Vilcabamba, Ecuador,  then La Casa de las Rosas is a must see. Built in 2013, this 3,254 square foot (302 square meter), beautifully constructed, two-story house has a complete cement foundation, wrap around shade and sun patios, an outside covered utility area, and a three-layer roof consisting of a weather resistant tile exterior, a heavy-duty sheet metal midsection, and an stunning interior of beautifully stained locally harvested wood. La Casa de las Rosas is fully tiled on both floors, with a lovely combination of high durability, richly toned ceramic tiles, and boasts an abundance of beautiful large windows strategically placed to catch the morning sunrise as well as the evening sunset, while maintaining a consistent cool temperature throughout the house.
La Casa de las Rosas is completely move-in-ready and contains the following rooms and living spaces.

 A First Floor Living Room
 A First Floor TV Room / Den
 A First Floor Bathroom
 A First Floor Dining Area
 A First Floor Kitchen
 A Second Floor Living Room
 Five Second Floor Bedrooms
 A Second Floor Bathroom
 A Second Floor Master Bathroom
 A Front Balcony
 A Side Balcony
 A Covered Front Patio
 A Covered Outside Foyer
 An Open Kitchen Patio
 An Outside Covered Utility Shelter

 Two Five-Micron Water Filtration Systems
 A Rotoplas Reserve Water Tank (290 Gallon Capacity)
 A Pedollo CPM620 1HP water pump
 Two Instamatic Instant-on Propane Hot Water Heaters
 Three Electric Breaker Boxes
 A Three-meter by Four-meter Metal Front Gate
 Two Perimeters of Three-meter-high Cement Walls
 One Perimeter of Three-meter-high Metal Fencing
 One Perimeter of One-meter-high Light Fencing

Water, Electric, & Internet

La Casa de las Rosas has water provided by the San Pedro water company and has high pressure hot water in the kitchen sink, the outside washing machine hookup, in the showers in the three bathrooms, and in both the sinks in the master bathroom.

Consistent and reliable electricity is provided by the Malacatos electric company. All the electrical wiring in the house has been installed by an experienced professional with heavy gauged electric cables and fully grounded outlets.

The Vilcabamba based, KLIX Internet Company provides high speed internet to the house. The internet network signal is accessed through a high security cyber-net cable routing system to seven locations in the house. The high security cyber-net cable system can be easily exchanged with a Wi-Fi system, should a buyer choose to do so.

Title and Paperwork

All legal paperwork relating to this house, property, ownership, and capacity to sell are in complete order, attorney certified, and officially notarized. The owner of this property is currently residing on the property. An English speaking, fully licensed attorneys’ office, with experience with this property’s paperwork, is available to assist with the documentation of all financial and municipal transactions relating to the purchase of this property and the thereby obtainable Ecuadorian residency status of the buyers.

Additional Information

There are two unoccupied lots located directly behind La Casa de las Rosas, that are also for sale. The lots are owned and listed for sale by two unrelated, independent, individuals and are thereby subject to independent purchase negotiations.

The first, closer lot is about 1,000 square meters in total. The second farther lot is about 500 square meters in total. The measurements of these lots are only rough estimations, based on simple visual observation.

The lot dimensions of La Casa de las Rosa and the two independent lots added together amount to around 0.56 of an acre.


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