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20.069 m2


This exquisitely manicured 2 Hectare land with 2 houses, an outdoor amphitheater, 2 pools, a Jacuzzi, and a hotel/retreat center is located in the heart of the Malacatos countryside with sensational views of all the mountains around Malacatos plus a view of the Mandago, Podocarpus National Park, and the Mountains of Taranza. The entire Eastern boundary of the property borders a creek that runs year round.

One of the houses measures 100 m2 and the other measures 132 m2. Both homes are made of adobe, fully furnished , have two large bedrooms (with king size beds), a spacious shared bathroom (1 house has a bath tub, the other just a shower), and an ideal floor plan where the kitchen and living room open into each other. Both homes also have a lovely outside patio facing the mountain views.

The Hotel/Retreat Center is U-shaped in design and measure 341 m2. This fully furnished hotel has 8 total rooms, each with their own bathroom (3 of which are wheel chair accessible). There are 2 large kitchens (1 commercial kitchen and 1 kitchen for the guests), 1 large dining room that seats 16 people at the tables and another 8 at the bar, a large yoga room, a caretakers apartment (with its own kitchen/living/office and 2 bedrooms), a large laundry room, a 17 meter long (5 meters wide) pool with Jacuzzi (that seats 9), and thatched roof terrace perfect for relaxing into the breathtaking view.

Below the houses and hotel, there are a couple of storage houses/workshops, a large banana plantation with an enormous thatched roof to the side of it, and a vegetable garden that measures about 1000 m2.

There are 2 entry gates, one that accesses the buildings and another to get access the large garden, banana plantation, and work areas.

There are security cameras throughout the property and 4 electric meters: 1 for the pump house, 1 for each house, and 1 for the hotel.

This property has well water, potable water, irrigation water, and eight 3500 liter water tanks.

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Floor Plans

Ground Floor (Hotel)

341 m2

9 Bedrooms

8 Bathrooms

Ground Floor (Main House)

132 m2

2 Bedrooms

1.5 Bathrooms

Ground Floor (Guest House)

100 m2

2 Bedrooms

1.5 Bathrooms

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