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Located in a gorgeous valley (a 20 minute drive from Malacatos) with a year round growing season and an abundance of creek water, sits a beautiful and clean hotel next to waterfalls ready and waiting for its new owner. This property is a true destination enjoyed by many here in our local area in Southern Ecuador. The business is thriving with many Lojanos and locals visiting this getaway especially during the weekends with their large families.

The entry building has a total of 5 bedrooms upstairs with a shared kitchen, a common room, a large wrap around covered balcony (with gym equipment), 2 showers, and shared 2 bathrooms. 1 of these upstairs bedrooms is a queen-bunk bed room, and the other rooms each hosts a large queen bed, a dresser, night stands, and have large curtained windows to enjoy the incredible views & fresh clean air. You can see the wind powered towers on a high mountain ridge in the distance providing electricity to Loja looking North East from the balcony. Downstairs has another shared kitchen/common room, an inside bathroom (an outside bathroom and mens stalls), and 2 bedrooms.

Around the backside of the downstairs is the restaurant kitchen and there is ample outdoor seating under large overhangs. The owner just expanded their outside seating area putting up an additional roof on the front side of the building covering more of their large patio. Around the pool and stretching a length of  nearly 30 meters is a tiled patio with a clean white tile with traction. The pool and outdoor restrooms and showers service daytime only guests; and the reception station has a view of the entire pool, playground, and greets basketball visitors before they ascend the staircase to the large outdoor court with stadium lighting.

In addition to the entry Hotel, the lower building can accommodate more long term guests with 3 apartments each with their own kitchen. There is also an additional shared kitchen and private outside covered patio space with a view looking North West to large mountain that is the source of much of the water in the valley. Unlike most areas here in the South of Ecuador which have more sedimentary soil, this region has hard solid dark rock called (making rock climbing possible here around this property). This lower building has 1 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment in the back, 1 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in the front, and a 4 bedroom large home in the middle with a proper master bedroom walk in closet and onsuite bath. This middle unit has two total bathrooms & is where the owner has been living. This large home-apartment is more spacious than the other units, and has finer finishes -granite countertops and a large attic lofted above.

The entire property is landscaped with maturing fruit trees planted over 5 years ago. Reserve tanks and an unlimited supply of nearly free water year round gives great water security for this business. While the Hosteria receives many guests, there is more potential for increased numbers with just a little advertising. Its a gem most have heard about only word of mouth from friends. The new owner has a great opportunity to expand its clientele and earn great money with a full tern key property ready to be taken to its next level. This is an excellent option for retreats, and the Vilcabamba area has always hosted many different retreats over the years however there is no hosteria quite like this one to inspire and uplift a group and that has the capacity it does. There are even camp grounds and gathering spaces near the waterfalls. The area is a true destination and the creative designer responsible for this construction has also built a trail system to access a number of waterfalls up the drainage. This entire trail system is open to guests of this hosteria even when ownership changes. For more detailed information about neighbors, the area, tourism, for all of the dimensions, areas, and contacts to continue to help manage the hosteria please Contact Tara directly Tierras.Realty.Ec@gmail.com

The sacred sweet spot of this property is at its base, a quick 5 minutes walk from the upper hosteria and you are at a waterfall. Built into this amphitheater like bowl in the mountain, is a large platform overlooking the waterfall. This construction has created a large swimming pool as it serves as a type of damn as well. The construction is intelligently built and a nice compliment & addition to this already magical spot. There is a cave area, a large Ceibo tree guarding the entrance, and a large grass field (with bathroom). The roofed patio is perfect for parties and musical gatherings into the night (there are a number of electric outlets and lights).


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